New 2013 Cabrinha Kiteboarding Gear Press Release

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Hear it from first, this just in from Cabrinha Kiteboarding! Links and photos will be posted when available! Check out Cabrinha Kiteboarding Gear at

2013 Cabrinha Kite Lineup:

Cabrinha’s 2013 lineup is better than ever.  We have listened to your constructive comments and have built our 2013 range of products to be the absolute maximum in performance, security, and value.

2013 Cabrinha Switchblade:
We have an all-new Switchblade.  YES – it turns faster, is much lighter in the bar, and jumps off the water or snow during relaunch.  The Switchblade will continue to be the industry benchmark for parked kite performance and amazing stability, but the handling is vastly improved with new canopy shaping for a faster turning lighter bar that translates into top performance in Freeride, onshore surf, and basic freestyle!!

2013 Cabrinha Siren Collection Switchblade:
We also now offer the Siren Collection within the Switchblade specifically tailored to the ladies.  Everything from the Susi Mai influenced graphics/colors down to specific features on the control system accommodates a smaller size person with a desire to ride something more feminine.

2013 Cabrinha Drifter:
After an amazing launch of the Drifter surfing kite in 2012, 2013 brings back another solid performing Drifter to continue to provide the power, depower, slack-line drift, and stability necessary to tackle the knee-high local break, or the world’s premier surf locations.

2013 Cabrinha Vector:
The Vector has enjoyed a great start in 2012 as well.  For 2013, we worked on the low end, relaunch, and turning speed of the 11/12/14m sizes.  The results are phenomenal and now the feeling and performance of the small size Vectors and carried throughout the entire range.  The Vector handles everything from pumping onshore surf and new school freestyle to cruising down winders and first time instruction.  The chameleon of the range, the Vector is good at everything, and now for 2013 even better!  Since this is a price sensitive model, the Vector does not come with a pump and is equipped with a simple drawstring bag with shoulder strap.

2013 Cabrinha Chaos:
FREESTYLE IS BACK!  The all-new 2013 Chaos bridled C kite is poised to take the freestyle market by storm.  Cabrinha’s Alberto Rondina currently sits in 3rd place on the PKRA freestyle world cup rankings.  He has been using the Chaos in the last three contests.  The Chaos has square tips, a classic C shape, mega power in the looping, and lightning fast turning.  At the same time, the Chaos has a bridle that gives it 100% depower using our stock Quicklink IDS control system.  This is a pro rider freestyle kite, so if the customer isn’t ready to loop it and pass it, then consider one of our other amazing kites.

2013 Cabrinha Crossbow LW:
Power, stability, ease of use, relaunch, wind range, and disgusting hang-time are some of the phrases used to describe the Crossbow LW.  Available exclusively in a five strut light weight design for 2013, the Crossbow LW is the epitome of efficiency and performance in an easy to use package.  The Crossbow LW has a massive wind range and arguably the best low end per size of any kite in the industry.  It’s bow kite design makes it deliver better power per m2 of material, provides rock sold stability, and gives it a amazing top end.  This kite is best aimed at park-and-ride performance for hooked-in riding and for those looking for a big sweet spot for insane hang-time.  The Crossbow LW also happens to be an amazing kite to couple with a race board for either ridiculous light wind performance, or crossing the finish line ahead of the pack.

2013 Cabrinha Quicklink IDS control system:
We also listened to everyone’s comments on the control system.  The world’s most advanced control system, the Quicklink IDS control system, now incorporates a hook on the QR1 body freeing up your hand for easy reconnection of the system after a deployment.  However, it’s mainly the other features of the control system that get customers raving:

  • The world’s first and only control system that allows for independent swiveling of front lines, rear lines, security/landing line, and bypass leash all below the bar
  • Integrated floating soft EVA bar ends that won’t hurt your hand or give you a black eye – no need for clumsy and goofy looking external foam bar floats
  • The Recoil that keeps the trim adjusters and the bar within reach without compromising the ability to depower the kite like a stopper ball can do
  • Easy to see White/Black to separate the Left/Right sides of the bar
  • Single PU tube going through the bar rather than clumsy multiple bare lines
  • Removable security pin that can easily be re-connected
  • Adjustable dyneema control line connectors to save your control lines from wear and to make adjustment a snap
  • QR1 body with hook for easy reconnection
  • Symmetrical QR1 and QR2 (QR2 fully releases the kite) placed uniformly for easy activation and reconnection no matter which way the loop is oriented
  • Industry standard Bypass leash with proven QR system
  • A new line manager that ensures your lines are ready to connect straight to the kite without tangles – store the line manager when riding in the kite wingtip pocket
  • New “T” handles for the bungee trim adjusters
  • New flying lines that both reduce stretch and provide for easier line separation and management
  • Siren version of the system that incorporates smaller harness loop and extended trim adjusters

2013 Cabrinha Kiteboard Lineup:

We are almost there!  There is a lot to go over for 2013, so let’s move on to the boards.  We have an all new line up of twin tips with all new shapes and all new production.

2013 Cabrinha Xcaliber Kiteboard:
The Xcaliber is a pro freestyle model with 3D shaping, all new efficient G10 fins, square outline and low rocker.  The Xcaliber give amazing pop and gets you upwind in a hurry to dominate your heat.

2013 Cabrinha Spectrum Kiteboard:
The Spectrum, although redesigned, is still the go to 2D board for performance and ease of use.  Its modern day shape is great in most conditions and delivers the performance of far more exotic 3D shapes.

2013 Cabrinha XO Caliber Kiteboard:
The XO is totally redesigned for the ladies in the Siren Collection and the sizing is better to fit the market for 2013.  The boards deliver a soft feel as they are designed with a lighter rider in mind.  The graphics capture the spirit of femininity of Susi Mai.

2013 Cabrinha Custom Kitebaord:
The Custom is back and better than ever.  The 3D shaping and deep channels follow the bottom and top of the deck for a strong and powerful ride, ridden with or without fins.  The new P-Tex bottom adds durability.

2013 Cabrinha Tronic Kiteboard:
The all-new Tronic is a chop destroyer!  It’s thin edge and generous rocket coupled with multi-channel bottom absolutely pulverize chop and eliminate the need for the ice-bags-on-the-knees routine after a heavy day of riding.  The Tronic’s flex is more than the Xcaliber and Custom giving it a more forgiving ride that most users prefer.

2013 Cabrinha Stylus Kitebaord:
The Stylus brings back a light wind twin tip without spray in the eyes.  It’s generous size will get you going in nothing, but the outline is still designed with fun in mind.  There no lawn mowing with the Stylus, it’s meant to be ridden hard.

2013 Cabrinha Foot Straps
Lastly, we have an all-new foot strap system called Hydra. Hydra is a major upgrade from CoAx and is super easy to install (even easy against competitors!!) and has a simple and functional adjustment system.  The Hydra pad is comfortable and supportive whether using in competition, or just out for a cruise.

2013 Cabrinha Surfboard Lineup:

The 2013 surfboard range features both EPS and PU boards in every model and size.  The EPS boards are built in epoxy with a Cork and Bamboo layup for flexibility and strength.  The PU boards are a classic surfboard layup with stringer and no added reinforcement.  The EPS boards come with inserts and straps while the PU don’t.  All boards come equipped with mounted rear pad, optional front pad, and Futures fin boxes and fins.

2013 Cabrinha Subwooder Surfboard:
New to the lineup is the Subwoofer.  The Subwoofer is a small wave/light wind demon.  It’s wide outline leading to a rounded diamond step tail give this board plenty of get up and go.  The quad fins bite well and give the board ample speed to make the tricky connections on small faces and in light wind.  It works equally well as a light wind cruiser, although that’s not it’s true intention.  Bring this board on any trip and it’s guaranteed to get used.

2013 Cabrinha Skillit Surfboard:
The Skillit thruster has been redesigned in the 5’6” to pull the tail in slightly giving it better surfing performance.  The new 5’10” size is sure to please the larger riders out there that love the Skillit, but find it a hair too small.

2013 Cabrinha S-quad Surfboard:
The S-quad come in a new 6’2” shape that is heaps better for the larger riders than the previous large model.

2013 Cabrinha Trigger Surfboard:
The Trigger thruster now comes in a new 5’11” shape to compliment last year’s 5’8” addition.  The modern shape excels in large surf where the rider relies on the board for power versus the kite.

Whatever your kitesurfing needs, Cabrinha has you covered.

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