For all you riders that haven’t yet tried the Kahoona

Posted: November 19, 2012 by tuckervantol in Kiteboarding Kite Reviews
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2012 Best Kahoona 11.5m Plus Kite review

I woke up at 4:45am this morning and headed to Ferrysburg for a quick dawn patrol before work.  I was happy to see the wind at 20 mph from the south for the first time in what feels like a month.  I grabbed the 11.5m Best Kahoona and my Cabrinha Custom with Ronix Wakeboots for wakestyle, I also took the Cabrinha Drifter 11m and my surfboard knowing that waves were a possibility.

As I walked down to the beach I realized the wind was too sideshore to produce any waves. The placement of the strutts and boxy shape of the kite give it a unique look.  I ran out the lines after changing the factory settings to slow down the kite and add bar pressure for wakestyle riding.  I first realized the simplicity behind the bridles when hooking up my lines.  The wing tips have a short direct line to the steering lines.  The centerlines hook on a small one pulley bridle.  As always when flying a new kite, I double checked the depower and safety system to make sure it was functioning correctly. Even though I have long arms, I could see how a person with shorter arms would love the easy to reach depower strap. It was always easy to reach the depower line as it falls within reach naturally.

I rolled the kite over and self launched the kite at the edge of the window with ease and felt a good amount of power in the kite so I strapped on my board and took off.  I noticed the kite stable in the sky and handled the 20 mph wind quite well.  Even though I slowed the kite down it turned quickly with a hard pull when needed.  After a few quick tacks while the first light filled the sky, I felt comfortable enough with the kite to go after my usual tricks.  The Kahoona has a surprising amount of pop when you unhook which allows you plenty of time to complete your maneuver.  It took me a couple tries to figure out the best way to hook back in on this system.  With a small loop, chicken finger, and leash hookup there is little room for error.  I found that it is easiest to suicide the leash above the chickenloop to make more space to hook in (not recommended for beginners).  After I felt out the kite with my usual backroll and railey variations I felt comfortable enough to go for some new stuff.   After taking some hard falls on a back to wrapped and back to blind I was feeling it, but this kite allowed me to get closer than before so that was encouraging.  After mowing it for a while I landed a sketchy back to blind and was loving the time this kite afforded me.  With all that falling I was re-launching the kite quite often and it always shot right up without much effort which was great!

Coming into the shop later to work I couldn’t help but grin after a great session with coworkers, sore ribs and all.

Reviewer:  Tucker Vantol
Age: 25
Weight: 175 lbs.
Skill:  Intermediate
Style:  wakestyle, strapless surf

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