2013 Best 9m TS V2 Kiteboarding Kite Review

Posted: January 31, 2013 by MACkiteboarding.com in Kiteboarding Kite Reviews, Tucker Vantol
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I recently took out the 2013 Best Kiteboarding TS V2 9m. For 2012 the TS was one of my favorite kites for wakestyle, so I was eager to see how it was changed for 2013. Conditions were less than favorable with choppy 6′ waves, 43 degree water, and shifty winds from 23-32mph. Noticing the sketchiness of the situation, I decided to go for my wakestyle board rather than my usual Best Shortstick surfboard to avoid a lot of body dragging. With winds this wild it was likely that I would get yanked off the board a couple times into frigid water.

While setting up the kite I couldn’t help but realize how simple and quick the setup on the Best One Pump system was. If you are flying newer Best kites, you will be familiar with the classic two valve system that adapts to any pump. If you have a large nipple hookup on your pump go ahead and slip it right over top of the one-way nipple for faster and easier pumping. The strut shutoffs are familiar and effective with clamps on the hoses. Let me also say, after changing a lot of different bladders, that Best kites have to be in the top 3 for a fast and easy bladder replacement.

Rigging the kite was fast with color coated lines. Best does not use “kook proof” lines, so be sure to double check to make sure you are hooking your lines up correctly. I tend to put all Best kites on the second knot in for the steering lines as they already have light bar pressure. Hooking in, I noticed some improvements to the 2013 Redline v.4 bar and line set. First off, I have to say that the new chicken loop is great. It has a large loop with a molded chicken finger that can be rotated out of the way for unhooked trickery. The trim strap is similar to years past, being an above the bar webbing strap style. The adjustment grab handles for this always lie within reach, so for small people this is great. The new stopper ball is redesigned and is easier to move around. The new Best safety release system is great because now it is a 100% depower on demand meaning that it flags out on one center line rather than two. The new safety release works similar to their previous models but is now faster and easier to re-engage. A simple push of the chicken loop into the mechanism and pull back on the safety release allows you to get back on the water.

After gawking at all the new features, I finally made it to the water where the winds were shifting up to 40 degrees in minutes, resulting in major gusts. The 2013 TS 9m felt smooth and consistent with no need to constantly adjust the trim like you might find on some kites. I did invert the kite a couple times due more to user error than the kite. I can say that the kite stayed rock solid and allowed me to re-launch and fly it in to reset it while flying normally. I was more than happy with this as I was a good 200 yards offshore with a long cold swim in.

After talking with Nathan after a long session, he told me that he was feeling the same gusts on his 2013 Cabrinha Switchblade, which is the standard for gusty wind performance. The 2013 Best Kites TS V2 9m is another step forward in the TS legacy with a kite that is versatile, safe, and easy to use. The Best Kiteboarding TS V2 is going to be one of my standby kites this year for sure.

Rider: Tucker Vantol
Age: 26
Weight: 175
Level/Style: Intermediate wakestyle and strapless surf

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