Best Kiteboarding Spark Plug 142 Kiteboard Review

Posted: February 3, 2013 by in Kiteboarding Board Reviews, Steve Negen
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Some days you just get lucky. I turned 51 in January in Michigan. Generally it’s snow kite season, but I got a super nice kiteboarding session in Lake Michigan. Happy Birthday to me! The boys sold my Cabrinha Xcaliber from underneath me (pretty typical) so I had to rebuild a new board to ride. The new Best Kiteboarding Spark Plug kiteboard had rolled in a week early and I kept thinking how much I liked the look and the lines of that board. I put together a 142 which is a pretty good size for me at 200lbs. I have to confess, I did install my North Entity straps instead of the Best kiteboarding straps. Chasing a board in 40 degree water is cold and I know I am really locked in with the Entity when I wear my booties. I was reasonably powered on a 14 meter Cabrinha Switchblade with 3-4 waves on the outside. The Spark Plug is super lively, very easy to get on a line and keep running. The concave bottom kept the board smooth through the choppy areas. I didn’t jump much, (cold water, brrr…) but on the few I did land, the board had a nice soft landing and rode away smooth. The fins seemed a bit large when I installed them, but I like the amount of bite they provided for the riding I did. Not sure if they would have been too bitey if I were landing powered up. All in all this is the best kiteboard for the money I have ridden. Great shape, exceptional look, and a solid ride all for under $500. Nice job, Best Kiteboarding!

Reviewer: Steve Negen
MACkite Rider
200lbs, intermediate.

  1. Eric Sanders says:

    I’ve been a wind surfer since the early 80’s, but life an age have taken their toll. My left knee is a bit tender so I haven’t been on the board for three years and miss it terribly. I’m turning 52 this year and it’s good to know that people in their “middle” years can still kite board. I’ve purchased a 13.5 Kahuna, and a larger board to learn on, (I’m 6-1, 220lb). I’ve been flying a Hydra 350 this fall for practice and will be taking lessons in the spring. I wasn’t at all sure if this was a doable sport at my age, but you have given me hope!

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