Have the Talk: Baby, you will love that I’ll always be tan, happy and in shape!

Posted: February 13, 2013 by MACkiteboarding.com in Aaron Johnson, How To
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Waiting for wind for kiteboardingSo, you’ve decided to get into kiteboarding or kitesurfing. You’ve signed up for your kiteboard lessons. You’ve contacted MACkiteboarding.com to get help with selecting the right gear. You’ve already made friends down at your local, kiteboarding or kitesurfing beach. You’re pretty well on your way, right? Almost… Do you happen to have a girlfriend, wife or significant other? If so, you need to sit them down right away and “have the talk”.

You see, kiteboarding and kitesurfing is not like any other sport that you can make solid plans for well in advance. With basketball, you just call up the crew and head down to the court to play. With golf, you can set up a tee time for weeks in advance. With kiteboarding however, you are completely at the mercy of Mother Nature. If the wind doesn’t blow – you don’t get to go. You might have looked at every detailed wind forecast that money can buy, but don’t bet on it. Things change quickly with the wind. Sometimes the forecast will call for rideable winds in the 20mph range all day long. But when you get to the beach, it’s completely dead. Other times, there will be little to no solid forecast whatsoever, and the wind will be ripping. You just can’t rely on forecasts as a given. Yes, they do help a lot, but don’t bet your new kiteboarding addiction on it. You won’t win.

So, take whatever creative approach that you think will work best and take the time to sit down and explain this to whoever it is in your life that depends on you for anything remotely responsible. Sit them down and explain that you are completely at the mercy of the wind – because you really are. As a kiteboarder or kitesurfer, newbie or veteran, the balance of your sanity hangs upon that next session on the water. We’re like starving, opportunistic animals that don’t have any sort of guaranteed, long-term meal plan whatsoever. We’re tweaked, on edge and twitchy if we haven’t gotten to ride in a few days, weeks or (gulp) months. What I did was simple, and it started something like this: “Baby, you will love that I’ve gotten into kiteboarding, because I’ll always be tan, happy and in shape!” Yes – make it all about them. 😉

Cheers, good winds and good luck!

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Writer/Rider: Aaron Johnson
Age: 42
Weight: 185lbs.
Years riding: 12
Preferred gear: 2012 Cabrinha Switchblades & Custom 140cm

  1. Don’t forget that you will now want to go on Vacation to many warm spots around the globe in search of wind. And as a perk these places also have sun, sand and many relaxation opportunities. Unless its spring in the Outer Banks, then leave her at home 😉 – DC from H2Okiter.com

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