Breaking the Ice: How to Become a Part of the Kiteboarding Crowd

Posted: February 23, 2013 by in Aaron Johnson, How To, kiteboarding general

A new kiteboarder on the beach

As a newbie, it can be a little intimidating the first few times, or more, when you show up at your new, local beach to go kiteboarding. When you look around, it appears that everyone else has it all together, and you probably feel like you’re sticking out like a sore thumb. Well – you probably are, but that’s OK. All of those same people out there ripping it up on the water had to start from the exact same spot that you now find yourself nervously standing on. Learning to kiteboard can be challenging if you like your privacy and don’t want to look like a kook in front of other people. Get over that – quick. Unless you have the luxury of private beaches or remote locations, you will be learning right alongside the intermediate and advanced level riders, and they will be watching you. They’re looking to see if you’ve taken some lessons and know a little bit about what you’re doing, or if you’re one of those half-cocked, do-it-yourself types that will no doubt make things dangerous for yourself and for those around you. Please note: don’t be that person – take lessons first. It will save you tons of time, speed up your learning process, and above all, educate you about safety, procedure and etiquette.

New kiteboarder on the waterSo what can you do, as a brand-newbie, to “break the ice” and get yourself established and into the local kiteboard or kitesurfing “crew”? Here are a few, simple tips: First, be humble. Nobody likes a know-it-all, especially when you clearly don’t. Second, show some respect to the other riders by attempting to learn the dos and don’ts of your given riding spot. Our local kiteboard beaches are coveted places, and nobody wants to have their kiteboarding privileges taken away. Third, just be a decent, fun-loving human being that wants to learn and grow to be an active part in your local kiteboarding or kitesurfing community. And last, show up with pizza and something cold to drink – you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

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Cheers and good winds!

Rider: Aaron
Age: 42
Weight: 185lbs.
Years riding: 12
Preferred gear: 2013 Cabrinha Switchblades & Custom 140

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