About MACkiteboarding.com

MACkite Kiteboarding is the Midwest’s premier full time kiteboarding shop and school. We are open and teaching lessons 355 days a year, whether it be on land, water, or snow. Our store and school are always stocked with the latest gear to keep you riding in any condition.

Located in Grand Haven, Michigan, we are in the middle of 200 miles of sandy, wide-open beaches that are the finest riding beaches in the Midwest. Come and see why we are the largest school and retail store, as well as host of the largest kiteboarding event in the Midwest, King of the Great Lakes.

We received our PASA kiteboarding school certification in the spring of 2000 and have been riding ever since. Our staff and select group of team riders allow us to be the best and most knowledgeable staff in the Midwest. As the largest Cabrinha dealer in the area, we ride what we sell and pride ourselves on being able to pass that knowledge on to you.

Our main goal as a school is to help new riders discover the sport of kiteboarding. Water, land or snow, we strive to teach you to ride safely in a way that allows you to ride all year long. In the last several years we have had over 800 students pass through our doors. We pride ourselves on our perfect safety record and our after-the-lesson followup. If you really want to ride, we will do everything in our power to get you there.

For more information about kiteboarding lessons give our shop a call at 800-622-4655 or check out the latest info about our Kiteboarding lessons at MACkiteboarding.com

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