Kiteboarding Packages

2012 Cabrinha Nomad with 2012 Liquid Force DLX and harness of your choice
Are you ready to step it up?  The 2012 Cabrinha Nomad kiteboarding kite powered Alberto Rondio to many podiums on the PKRA in 2012.  Combined with the Liquid Force DLX kiteboarding board and you are ready to take your game to new heights.
2012 Cabrinha Switchblade, Liquid Force Edge or Contact, and your choice of harness.
from $1,189.00
Why do our instructors love this kiteboarding package?  Because it allows anybody to get started kiteboarding AND progress for years to come.  The Cabrinha kites Switchblade is the number one selling kite in the world for a reason.  Unbeilevable wind range, super easy relaunch, the best kiteboarding safety system on the market and unlimited growth potenial the Cabrinha Switchblade is a winner.  We package this kite with a sweet Liquid Force Contact kiteboard for years of solid progress.  Or you can grab the Liquid Force Edge kiteboard for easier learning and great light wind kiteboarding sessions.
Learn 2 Ride Kiteboarding Kite Package
from $1,099.00
The Kahoona delivers the perfect mix of freeride, new school and kite surfing performance. The v4 combines rock solid stability, smooth and endless depower with precise handling, making it the perfect kite for advancing your riding level, regardless of your preferred riding style.
2012 Slingshot kites RPM
from $1,199.00

U pick the gear, we give the deal!

All boards are complete with straps, fins, and grab handle.

Kites are complete with  Kite, 2012 Compstick Control Bar, Lines, pump, and Backpack.

Available in sizes: 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m

2012 Liquid Force Envy, Edge or Contact, and your choice of harness
From $1,349.00

Ride with style and push your limits.  The 2012 Liquid Force Envy kiteboarding kite has truly come into it’s own.

Be the Envy of your friends with this kiteboarding package! You get a 2012 Liquid Force Envy kite and choose of Liquid Force Edge or Contact kiteboarding board, both complete and ready to ride. You also get your choice of a free kite surfing harness.

2013 HQ Kites Apex IV Power foil
From $675.00 received a great deal on some NPX kitesurfing waist harnesses and are passing that along to you with your new HQ Apex power kite.  Now you can be 100% ready to hit the snow kiting or land kiteboarding as soon as your new kite arrives.
Snow kiting kite HQ Apex III
On Sale
$1,237.00 $825.00

Ready to go snow kiting?  This  snow kiteboarding package gets you up and riding for less than $1,000.

HQ kites user friendly Apex III, Flow’s Merc snowboard and Liquid Force’s Profile waist harness make for a great snow kite package as well as a great training system for future kiteboarding adventures.

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