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While kiteboarding already has a huge lightwind advantage over sports like windsurfing, everyone always wants to get the most riding time possible.  For most kiteboarders on a standard setup (12m Kite &140cm board for 175lb rider) rideable wind begins at about 15 mph.  This amount of wind is apparent because whitecaps become easily seen and prevalent on the water around 15 mph.  With this same setup jumping and powered riding will begin at around 17 mph.

2013 Cabrinha Crossbow LW Kiteboard Kite and Cabrinha Stylus kiteboard

2013 Cabrinha Crossbow LW Kiteboard Kite and Cabrinha Stylus kiteboard

One of the best things you can do to improve your lightwind riding is to become a better kite flyer.  Accomplished kite flyers can lose as much as 3 mph of wind and still be riding because they keep the kite moving in the power zone.  A good way to become a better kite flyer is simply flying in light-winds.  You can learn more in an hour of flying your kite in sub 12 winds than all your previous experience combined.  It is much more difficult to fly the kite in these winds and it is necessary to keep the kite moving.
Remember to pull in for more power when turning, then let the bar out to allow the kite to become more aerodynamic and rise in the sky.


Dr. Joe will take away the pain

The Impact of Weight when Kiteboarding

Hi, I’m Jake and I like to eat and kiteboard. Oh, and yeah- I weigh 260 lbs.

To give you a little background, in 2006 I blew out my foot while kiteboarding. Actually, I was trying to do a hooked in back-roll kite-loop that went horribly wrong… Well, 4 months on crutches and 3 months of physical therapy later, I was able to walk- well sort of.

It was another year and a half until I tried kiteboarding again in 2008. In that year and a half I gained 40 lbs working a desk job and eating and drinking a lot of beer! Yum. Well…


Some days you just get lucky. I turned 51 in January in Michigan. Generally it’s snow kite season, but I got a super nice kiteboarding session in Lake Michigan. Happy Birthday to me! The boys sold my Cabrinha Xcaliber from underneath me (pretty typical) so I had to rebuild a new board to ride. The new Best Kiteboarding Spark Plug kiteboard had rolled in a week early and I kept thinking how much I liked the look and the lines of that board. I put together a 142 which is a pretty good size for me at 200lbs. I have to confess, I did install my North Entity straps instead of the Best kiteboarding straps. Chasing a board in 40 degree water is cold and I know I am really locked in with the Entity when I wear my booties. I was reasonably powered on a 14 meter Cabrinha Switchblade with 3-4 waves on the outside. The Spark Plug is super lively, very easy to get on a line and keep running. The concave bottom kept the board smooth through the choppy areas. I didn’t jump much, (cold water, brrr…) but on the few I did land, the board had a nice soft landing and rode away smooth. The fins seemed a bit large when I installed them, but I like the amount of bite they provided for the riding I did. Not sure if they would have been too bitey if I were landing powered up. All in all this is the best kiteboard for the money I have ridden. Great shape, exceptional look, and a solid ride all for under $500. Nice job, Best Kiteboarding!

Reviewer: Steve Negen
MACkite Rider
200lbs, intermediate.

I recently took out the 2013 Best Kiteboarding TS V2 9m. For 2012 the TS was one of my favorite kites for wakestyle, so I was eager to see how it was changed for 2013. Conditions were less than favorable with choppy 6′ waves, 43 degree water, and shifty winds from 23-32mph. Noticing the sketchiness of the situation, I decided to go for my wakestyle board rather than my usual Best Shortstick surfboard to avoid a lot of body dragging. With winds this wild it was likely that I would get yanked off the board a couple times into frigid water.


kiteboarding boots vs. strapsKiteboarding is a derivative of wakeboarding. Yes, there’s a dramatic difference between the pull, but wakeboarding has been and continues to be a strong influence to the kite side of things. I’m sure most of you have seen a board or two on the beach with a set of wakeboard bindings, or boots, mounted up. Although most riders prefer straps, curiosity is taking kiteboarders over to the dark side by the masses – and for good reason!

If you’re capable of riding upwind and performing simple jumps and transitions – you’re ready for boots! Yes, it adds a slight bit of difficulty to your launching/landing situation. Yes, it can be difficult in direct on-shore conditions with waves. Once you get past the learning curve, you’ll be able to ride with more power and style than before.

Straps allow for much greater range of motion than boots, which creates a slight decrease of leverage on the board. They also can have the tendency to release when not desired, making for an interesting situation.

Personally, I come from a snowboarding and wakeboarding background – I find the locked feeling of boots while kiting to be much more comforting. Look at PKRA podiums for the past few years – you’ll see that more and more of the world’s top level talent tossing their straps in the trash in exchange for boots. Youri Zoon, Alex Pastor, and Alberto Rondina to name a few.


Freeride kiteboarding style


While freeride can encompass a variety of styles, it is usually referred to when referencing a relaxed cruise around type of riding with an occasional jump. Freeriders enjoy checking out the scenery, experiencing varied conditions, and just getting out on the water. Equipment generally preferred by these riders include bow or SLE kites (Cabrinha Crossbow, Cabrinha Switchblade, North Rebel, Slingshot Rally), larger boards with soft flex(Cabrinha Spectrum, Cabrinha Stylus, Liquid Force Full Contact, Best Breeze, North X-Ride, Slingshot Misfit, Slingshot Glide), footstraps or strapless, and often a seat harness for more comfort (Dakine Fusion, Dakine Vega, Dakine Vision, Dakine Nitrous HD).