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Here is a little Sneak Peek of what Cabrinha will be offering in 2014.  Look at those colors… BAM!

Cabrinha 2014 Teaser from Cabrinha Kites on Vimeo.

While kiteboarding already has a huge lightwind advantage over sports like windsurfing, everyone always wants to get the most riding time possible.  For most kiteboarders on a standard setup (12m Kite &140cm board for 175lb rider) rideable wind begins at about 15 mph.  This amount of wind is apparent because whitecaps become easily seen and prevalent on the water around 15 mph.  With this same setup jumping and powered riding will begin at around 17 mph.

2013 Cabrinha Crossbow LW Kiteboard Kite and Cabrinha Stylus kiteboard

2013 Cabrinha Crossbow LW Kiteboard Kite and Cabrinha Stylus kiteboard

One of the best things you can do to improve your lightwind riding is to become a better kite flyer.  Accomplished kite flyers can lose as much as 3 mph of wind and still be riding because they keep the kite moving in the power zone.  A good way to become a better kite flyer is simply flying in light-winds.  You can learn more in an hour of flying your kite in sub 12 winds than all your previous experience combined.  It is much more difficult to fly the kite in these winds and it is necessary to keep the kite moving.
Remember to pull in for more power when turning, then let the bar out to allow the kite to become more aerodynamic and rise in the sky.


Latest News on the 2013 Cabrinha Velocity VMG Race Kite has received exciting news that we will be one of the few Stocking Dealers for this brand new kite. Keep and eye out for a review or two from the guys and photos when we receive our first batch of 2013 Cabrinha Volocity Race Kites!

Here is what Cabrinha has to say about the new Velocity Race Kite.

2013 Velocity VMG Overview

The Velocity VMG race kite represents the pinnacle of racing efficiency on all points of sail. Developed over an entire season with designer Pat Goodman, Damien Leroy and PKRA World Tour Racing Champion Bryan Lake, the Velocity VMG is podium proven. The Velocity is based on a bow kite plan form for the highest power to drag ratio. Its upwind ability is only matched by its ability to fly on all points of sail off the wind due to its full, powerful profiles. The Velocity features a light weight construction using only 5 micro struts with .06mm TPU bladders and modified panel layout with no dacron and no chafe protectors. Its power production is optimized by keeping the area focused where the arc is flatter and the aerodynamic forces contribute the most towards forward speed.


I have to admit that I didn’t pay much attention to the Cabrinha Nomad over the years…until recently anyway. It’s marketed as a freestyle/wakestyle/surf kite…but I consider myself more of a “freerider“. I enjoy riding in a wide variety of conditions…but I tend to gravitate toward kites that are smooth, fast, soak up gusty conditions, rip aggressively up-wind, and have lofty/floaty jumps. I found myself gravitating more toward the flight characteristics of the Cabrinha Switchblade,Cabrinha CrossbowNorth Rebel and even the Best Kahoona. Although I liked the idea of a quicker turning kite, I didn’t feel it would be worth what it sacrificed in upwind performance or jumping.


NathanP-sq-250The week leading up to the first major storm of winter saw great anticipation of amazing conditions from those of us that favor the strongest winds with the largest waves. Tucker and I were on it – monitoring the weather throughout the week and especially the day before. We made the call the night before, planning on riding right when everything would be at its peak. The forecast called for gale force winds with 20′ significant wave heights – prime.

On Friday, I was woken up by my house shaking from the winds. Given the 20-degree temps outside and knowing the water would be in the sub-50 range, I began to shy away from the idea of heading out on such a nasty day. We made a call around noon to back off on riding, only to make a go of it around 4. Tucker and I headed for the beach with a 2013 Switchblade 7 and a 2012 Nomad 7, expecting winds in the mid-30kt range. We were very wrong.


1. Get a wide/ flat board.

This will increase the planing ability and allow you to stay on top of the water with less power from the kite. It will also allow you to make better progress upwind. A bonus to going big to start is that you can keep this board for lightwind days after progressing to a high performance style of board.

2. Buy the right kite.

One of the greatest temptations of a beginner kiteboarder is to try out the sport “on the cheap” by buying old secondhand gear. While it is fine to have a budget, buying the wrong gear accomplishes nothing for you. If you are looking to “try it out” then take a lesson to help you decide if the investment is worth the reward (it always is in kiteboarding!).

The correct kite is one of the most important aspects of learning to kiteboard, so if you are not sure about what is right for you, call us at 1.800.622.4655 or speak with an instructor. Beginners are looking for a kite to cover winds under 20 knots. While the kite size varies for your weight, it will also vary depending on the kite design you choose.

As a beginner, your first kite should fit the following criteria…
– Sized for winds under 20 knots based on your weight
– Lots of depower in the bar throw
– At least 98% depower from the safety system. Most brands now have 100%
– Easy relaunch
– Stable flying- moves intentionally, not too responsive
– Move upwind easily


Freeride kiteboarding style


While freeride can encompass a variety of styles, it is usually referred to when referencing a relaxed cruise around type of riding with an occasional jump. Freeriders enjoy checking out the scenery, experiencing varied conditions, and just getting out on the water. Equipment generally preferred by these riders include bow or SLE kites (Cabrinha Crossbow, Cabrinha Switchblade, North Rebel, Slingshot Rally), larger boards with soft flex(Cabrinha Spectrum, Cabrinha Stylus, Liquid Force Full Contact, Best Breeze, North X-Ride, Slingshot Misfit, Slingshot Glide), footstraps or strapless, and often a seat harness for more comfort (Dakine Fusion, Dakine Vega, Dakine Vision, Dakine Nitrous HD).