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If you missed my post last week, you may want to allow me to introduce myself.

Hopefully, you’re starting to get a small idea of who I am. I’m not exactly God’s gift to kiteboarding.

Now that we understand one another better, let me continue…

Flying a trainer kite was helping! I may have even gained some muscle mass….maybe. There are a few things that everyone “mysteriously forgets” to tell you when you start kiteboarding:

  1. The duration that sand will remain in your mouth after a good fall–FOR-EV-ERRRRR! I took a digger flying the HQ Hydra 300 in some higher winds and came up with a sandpaper smile that could have smoothed out an entire hardwood floor. I found sand in my teeth while chewing a piece of gum, three days later!  Of course, there’s nothing more attractive on a date than a girl with a sandpaper smile…. (more…)