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This guy knows how to get it done.  Alex talks a little about the new Asylum wakestyle board.  Riding the Slingshot 141 Asylum and Slingshot 10m RPM kite.

I decided to unpack the 12m North Rebel for last night’s sunset session in Hatteras NC.  Winds were in the 12-16 knot range and there was one foot chop to ride through.  Me being new rider at 175 pounds I was thinking I could be underpowered so I grabbed the Cabrinha Spectrum which has a moderate rocker and some extra volume.  With the chop I also liked the idea of having the secure feeling you get from the Cabrinha Sync footstraps.

From the first time I launched the kite I quickly realized that my initial thought was wrong.  After a few tacks I decided I needed a board with more outline and rocker to handle the power and chop.  I grabbed a Cabrinha Caliber with Sync footstraps and headed back out.  Now I was riding comfortably with speed through the chop. (more…)

Thanks Brad for the great video on the 2012 Cabrinha Switchblade

Ok, let’s just start this off by saying I have not been a fan of kites larger than 14m for a long time. I started kiting an Airush 16m Lift back in 2004. Yeah, that was a little while ago. In 2008 I purchased a Cabrinha Contra 14m and swore I would never ride a kite bigger from then on. Oh, did I mention that I am 260 lbs? Yup, I am a big guy and my thinking was “why do I want to ride in winds less than 16-17 mph; anything less is just boring for an experienced kiter, right?”

Well, that was before Ryan Evans from Best Kiteboarding set me up with a 17m Best TS or “Taboo Series” to demo and compare to the 16m Cabrinha Crossbow. With my expectations already jaded towards thinking all big kiteboarding kites are worthless, and that the hype Ryan was throwing down was just that, I have to admit the 17m TS really opened my eyes with what is possible with large kites for large riders. Heck, even the guys at the shop who weigh in at 170-180 Lbs are loving the Best TS 17 meter kite for light wind sessions. (more…)