Learning To Kiteboard

We’re glad to hear that you’re interested in learning how to kiteboard – It WILL change your life!

Kiteboarding breaks down into 3 basic learning processes:

1) Kite skills: You must be very proficient with a kite before you can ride. Your kite is your wakeboard boat, and you can’t wakeboard if the driver is turning the power on and off all the time.
Time required: 8-15 hours of flying with trainers and full size kites is recommended.

2) Board Skills: You will need to know how to point the board, edge the board and turn the board to be successful. Most good wakeboarders have 70-90% of the skills needed. Snowboarders, surfers, and windsurfers have about 50-70% of the skills needed.
Time required: 3-20 hours

3) Putting it all together: Now you can fly the kite and you have some board skills. Can you pat your head and rub your belly at the same time? Time required: 3-20 hours – Yes it really does vary that much with skills and conditions. A 15-17 mph sustained wind and flat water conditions is ideal.

Trainer Power Kites:

HQ Rush IV Pro 350 3.5m Trainer Kite

We recommend that you purchase a trainer kite large enough to pull you around on a windy day (5-15 mph winds). If you can fly a trainer in 5-8 mph and keep it in the air it will teach you a lot of kite skills. Additionally flying the trainer in 10-18 mph will allow you to feel the power of the kite and practice your power strokes. Keep in mind a larger kite will allow you to use it for land/snow kiteboarding at a later date.

The Rush 350 Pro or the Hydra 350 are great options, however the Rush is a bit easier on the wallet.

Up to 100 lbs.:     2 meter or smaller
100-135 lbs.:    2 or 3 meter
130-200 lbs.:     3 meters or larger
Over 200 lbs.:     3.5 meter or larger

Check out our list of trainer kites at MACkiteboarding.com

Kiteboarding Camps: the Next Level…

For beginners, we recommend our 2-Day Camp. This will get you thoroughly acquainted with the sport! These camps take place on Thursday/Friday ($499) and Saturday/Sunday ($549). Our goal for these camps is to get you out practicing safely and independently.
Please feel free to call us at 1.800.622.4655 with any questions and to reserve your date.

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