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Snowkiting near Lake Michigan

Posted: November 21, 2011 by in Snow Kiting
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2-3-11 North Muskegon (140)

Chris B rips up the Dunes snowkiting by Lake Michigan

Learning to Snow Kite.

Snowkiting or snow kiteboarding is an extremely fast growing segment of kiteboarding.  The wonderful thing about snowkiting is how much easier it is to learn than kiteboarding.  When you learn to kiteboard you will need a very large kite with literally a boat load of power.  The beauty of snow kiteboarding is you can start with a small amount of power and gradually pick up your skills.

What do you need to start snowkiting?  Simple, a trainer kite off appropriate size, your skis or your snowboard and proper safety gear – a helmet being a must.

I need a trainer kite, also known as a power kite, how big should it be?  If you weigh less than 100 pounds a 2 meter trainer is a good size.  If you weigh between 100-150 pounds a 2.5- 3 meter trainer will work great.  If you are more the 150 pounds you will want a 3 meter kiteboarding trainer kite.  For the really large rider over 200lbs you should be looking at a trainer in the 3.5 – 5 meter size.  Big hint – if you buy trainer kites over 3.5 meters in size most of them have colored line which is much easier to see on the snow.  Make sure to ask if your trainer will come with colored lines. (more…)