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The Slingshot Board factory.  Hand built in the USA

Let me also note that the Resin-X used in these boards was developed and produced by a Michigan rider.

Resin-X is a pricey resin but it has higher elasticity, better reflex, low VOC’s, non-toxic, and has no carcinogens.  It is also made using corn and potato byproducts from US farmers, so it supports our agriculture as well as being environmentally responsible.  Wow!


So what is the difference between kiteboards and wakeboards?

The easy answer is…Rocker.
Rocker is the amount of curvature along the bottom of the board.  Wakeboards have around 3 inches of rocker while most kiteboards have around 1 inch.  Wakeboards are designed with more rocker to handle the speed at which they operate.  When wakeboarding a typical speed will be around 30mph.  At that speed, wakeboards need all that rocker to produce drag so that they can get on edge and turn.  A kiteboarder typically is traveling across the water at around 15-20 mph and will need a more efficient (flater) board in order to stay moving along on top of the water (also called planning).


Looks like we will have over 40 kites and 16 boards  for Registered KoGL Riders to demo!

This guy knows how to get it done.  Alex talks a little about the new Asylum wakestyle board.  Riding the Slingshot 141 Asylum and Slingshot 10m RPM kite.

If you missed my post last week, you may want to allow me to introduce myself.

Hopefully, you’re starting to get a small idea of who I am. I’m not exactly God’s gift to kiteboarding.

Now that we understand one another better, let me continue…

Flying a trainer kite was helping! I may have even gained some muscle mass….maybe. There are a few things that everyone “mysteriously forgets” to tell you when you start kiteboarding:

  1. The duration that sand will remain in your mouth after a good fall–FOR-EV-ERRRRR! I took a digger flying the HQ Hydra 300 in some higher winds and came up with a sandpaper smile that could have smoothed out an entire hardwood floor. I found sand in my teeth while chewing a piece of gum, three days later!  Of course, there’s nothing more attractive on a date than a girl with a sandpaper smile…. (more…)

ImageThe 2013 Slingshot kiteboarding gear is out and is happy to share the latest info on a few of the newly released Slingshot Fall Products!

Slingshot Kiteboarding is one of the few companies that will release their products 2 different times over the next 6 months. Here is the break down of when you will be able to get information related to the following Slingshot Kiteboarding Products.